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i am so easily amused that Sharkmania won’t let me stop laughing. i am a disgusting individual.

also ghost shark was so fucked up because this shark just came out of the fire hydrant and ate two kids right down the middle and their legs kept twitching in a puddle of blood and i nearly pissed myself because what the fuck syfy. never change.




I’ll just leave this here…

I might have forgiven you, Jeff. Except that you didn’t skip over Malia’s mental development in order to more fully delve into her story or her struggles or, god-forbid, the plot. Nope, you skimmed over what ought to be a full on handicap in order to sexualize her and use her as the cherry popper for one of your precious boys like the misogynistic douche that you are. :)

When a writers ask the audience to simply “forgive” them from skipping over something extremely important, like the mental development of a character that was a wild animal since age 9, that’s how you know the writers are absolutely talentless. 

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